eXTReMe Tracker Hard-edged Award Winning Rock Lipstick, Chrome & Leather From the classics to the unexpected Old school hard rock like you’ve never heard it before Operatic female vocals over driving rock rhythms and riffs Voted Chicago’s Best Rock Band, Alternative Band, Cover Band & 2nd Best Heavy Rock Band over past five years by Suburban Nitelife Magazine. Barely Standing is an award winning 5 piece rock band that melds operatic classical female vocals with driving hard rock rhythms and riffs accented with piano, Hammond organ and orchestral keyboards. Barely Standing sounds like nothing else you’ve heard. Amazing vocals & lead guitar, keyboards, & massive double-kick drums and bass--delivered with emotion, finesse and the power to shake the foundation. Melissa Sassmann, lead vocals; Stevie Conlon, 4 & 12 string bass guitars; Mike Sawinski, electric & acoustic guitars; Jack Manzella, keyboards & percussion; and Billy Queen, drums. Mike the Saw Jack the Ripper Melissa the Diva Billy the Thunder God Stevie Fearless Leader 12stringbass.com http://www.12stringbass.com/StevieConlon.html Rock Bottoms: Bodacious Bass Babes http://www.geocities.com/bodacious_bass_babes/